Duplicate Account?

So just a moment ago, I was working on my secondary account (Books,Books,Books) when I got an error message. It only stayed up for a few moments, but it indicated that I had a duplicate account and the duplicate account will be deleted.

So I went to check, and my second store now has the title of my first account. It has reverted back to the categories of my first account, despite the fact that my “Store Category” field has the correct store category selected, but the other store’s categories are showing in the category menu.

I can’t make the correct store to show up.

eBay seems to have everything in the right accounts. (And they have the correct name as well.)

PS When I go to GS Preferences : Accounts, both accounts are called the name of my first account.

The email addresses are correct, however.

I have no idea what happened here but can you try to delete both of your accounts in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts, restart your Mac and then re-add your one account?

Regards, Kristian

LOL! That is exactly what I finally did!

I was afraid it might cause more mayhem, but then I realized that the mayhem level was so high, anything additional would be taken care of when we fixed the duplicate problem.

It worked.

I was so worn out and anxiety-free when I finished that I just went to bed. I forgot I hadn’t posted here yet.

Thanks Kristian.

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