Duplicate and Continue Popup Window

When launching auctions the popup window (shown below) appears practically every time because most of my 12000 listings would have been started at some time. I always select Duplicate and Continue. This really seems to slow my system down and I can do nothing else in GS till it has been completed and the associated GarageSale Launch Control box appears

Can I set this by default or can you just spawn off the copying of the item to another process to allow me to continue working?


@davidelliott press cmd-a and select all, then cmd-d and double. Then order listings and select all expired (solid grey) and put in the trash. Start the doubled ones. It’s the best solution in my opinion.

This is roughly what I do. It would nice for GS to do it for me though.

Any thoughts on this GS guys?


@davidelliott did you try the auto-relisitng feature enabling the double option and move the expired ones to trash? I guess it might do what you need…

You could use this version, which adds a “Don’t show again” option.


Great job Ilja.

Works a treat.

Merry Xmas to you all.


That’s useful, great! How is it possible to disable in a second time @ilja ?

O.T. @davidelliott why your order section shows infinity symbol over the chart?? I see it so often when someone publish a screenshot in the forum… ?? Just curiosity… never had it …

Infinity symbol? Was this in my screenshot somewhere?

Yes over the chart into the red icon (the laying 8 = ∞ )

There is a button in the preferences “Restore all warnings”, which will make up the panel show up again.

That is very useful as well.

I have no idea. Never noticed it until you pointed it out.

I will keep my eyes open too see if it happens again.


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