Duplicate items

Noticed that my database had a number of duplicate items:

E.g. Cartoon Network Australia - Pogs

If I try to delete just the single item, both of them disappear yet in the Trash there is only one item.

I rebuilt my DB yesterday. Is this an Indexing issue? I don’t want to re-index needlessly because it takes hours to complete.


Do you remember when these duplicated items start appearing?
Did you make use of the “import from eBay” feature or are you using the snyching feature?

Regards, Kristian

First time I had spotted them while doing a big clean up.

Never import from Ebay.

Do not sync.

I can cope with then I guess, i was just wondering if any of the GS startup options might sort them out?


This is another consequence of the duplicates.

LH Pane thins there are 8 items but the RHS pane shows only 4.

Again, Kristian, any ideas apart from re-indexing?


Again I ask. Any ideas?

@davidelliott these are ghost listings. Sometimes, when you move them into trash and empty it, when you relaunch GS an empty line appears.

Thanks Federico but these are slightly different. I do get ghost listings and I can remove them by ‘remove ghost listings’ at startup.

These items just go in to trash. They do not leave a ghost listing after moving.

Trouble is, both copies go into trash as a single item and I have to copy that single back or I lose the listing.

I doubt there is an answer but it would be nice to hear something from the GS Team.


Hello David,
you are true, generally ghost listings have different behaviors, but I noticed that they appears after I experience exactly the same trash issue you explained. More specifically, I noticed (but cannot be more accurate about) that in the middle of many listings, some must be somehow “corrupted”: if you select and drag and drop them somewhere else, they actually does not move from the original place, but a new (corrupted) copy appeared where you drop. It seems that moving the listing actually create a copy of it. This new one has exactly the trash issue you explained (if you delete the new one, also the original listing go to trash).
I am convinced there is a unique bug behind all this scenarios, but I still could not find how it actually happen…

Same thing happened to me (using 7.0.21). I found that if I dragged a listing from one folder to another, if the folder was CLOSED it created the corrupt copy, but if the folder was OPEN it moved to the new location as it should. Same trash issue. I just started to only move items between OPEN folders….

Thanks for your responses guys. I hav e seen all those odd behaviors myself. I have recently seen:

  1. Cannot drag and drop
  2. Create a duplicate but have no idea where it went.
  3. GS working beautifully then all of a sudden I perform a simple activity like selecting an item and up pops the spinning pizza for a minute+

When GS is working well it is fantastic.

I guess I have just learnt to live with these odd behaviors and work my way around them.


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