Duplicate listings for each country. How to?

I would like to use GS to list simultaneously on different countries. I am aware of the duplicate listing policy so would amend shipping to exclude the other countries.

The hard work of creating a listing is done and understandably I don’t want to create additional identical listings for each country.

I’m wondering if anyone can shed light on how to do this. Is there a bulk edit option to change just the country? If I copy the desired listings and edit the country for each one, how will I keep track of which listing is for which country?

Any suggestions? TIA

= different eBay sites, I guess?

Regards, Kristian

Thanks Kristian,

Yes I think you’re right and I did consider that as an option to track which listings are live for each country but thought I was complicating it! Thanks for your input!

You could duplicate a listing and change it’s country in the Advanced inspector.

If you are selling the same products over and over, it might make sense to create inventory items for your products and then create site-specific listings from those inventory items.

If used correctly, once you decide to change a products description or images, you would only need to the edit the inventory item, and all linked listings should update accordingly.

Unfortunately, because of the way eBay is constructed, you would still need adjust pricing, attributes, shipping and payment options on the listing level.

Hope this helps.

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