Duplicate mulitple templates

Say I want to create 100 ebay listings out of 1 template. Is there a way to create 100 templates from that 1? Ustually I duplicate it (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 etc,) which is time consuming. Is there a short cut to make a set amount of multiples from a single template without having to manually duplicate it? Have I been doing this wrong all these years? lol

There is no built-in way to generate 100 duplicates quickly.

Maybe you can use a keystroke tool (TextExpander, Keyboard Maestro) to generated 100 Command-D presses? Or you use “AppleScript UI Scripting”:

(It seems this article is a little bit older, and things might look different on your version of OS X).

I think ‘miamiwax’ has a good point Ilja. How about a another menu item or menu button to do this “x” number of times?

Hmm… Maybe you or @miamiwax could enlighten me why you need that feature? What’s its use case?

Sure thing. My example. I sell lots of trading cards and the only thing that changes between many of the is the image and title. Once my template has been created containing format, and general items; date, country, set name, general details about the item and condition - plus any posting notes or notes to potential buyers - I may then want to duplicate the template for say 19 times. This would apply where the set oc cards contains 20 items and I am selling them individually. I would do this with mixed sports card sets. In this instance the only change would be the image and the title. On may say’…Boxing card’ and another ‘…cricket card’.
Sometimes the sets have 50 items.

If it helps I can point you to some examples.

PS. I do like the way that you have added the duplicate item to the right double click meant.


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I see. How about holding down some modifier key will choosing "Duplicate to bring up a panel with a quantity box?

Perfect Ilja. That would suit me just fine.

I sell vinyl records. I often do large auctions of up to 400 items or so.
Kinda makes sense to have an option to create the amount of templates u
need in 1 click as opposed to having to duplicate them repeatedly.

I also have a good idea for garage sale that I would like to pitch. If u
are interested can I get your email?

Sorry people, but why don’t you use the duplicate and moving options when starting that listing? In my opinion it should fit your needs. I mean, I need to create many identical listings too for postcard, I have just to change title and photos. Thanks to these options, after starting I have a new listing that I can immediately modifying, starting and then using again for other items. On the other hand, having 100 or + listing in the same column would be a bit confusing in my opinion, besides, if you make the mistake to modify one that is still active, then you have to replace it again as it was before if you want to avoid problems in order section. Of course, this is just an advice I find useful for similar needs…

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