Duplicated templates when relisting auctions with GS 7.0.13

Recently when I relisted about 25 auctions via GS 7.0.13, it duplicated the template and created a new one with a blue bordered icon (indicating an auction without bids or sales) and left the old one with the solid grey icon (ended listing without bids or sales) right below it. Past versions of GS 7 did not do this, they simply changed the relisted template icon from solid grey to a blue bordered one once the auction was relisted, the template was not duplicated. Is this expected new behavior or a bug?

Now that the unsold auctions have expired, I have two templates for each listing with solid grey icons. Should I just delete the older of the two and relist the recently expired one?

Hi Roy,

this is the expected behavior in GarageSale 7. During the relist process you can setup what should happen with the original item, e.g. you can let it move to the trash.
(scroll down to the “Launch Control Options” section.)

Regards, Kristian

Thanks for the quick reply. It’s odd since that had never happened to me before, but in checking the Deleted Listings folder, there were several copies of those listings from previous times I had relisted them. However, I had never used the Launch Control setting to move them there automatically, so I have no idea how they got there. At least I know what to do now.

I’m having another issue regarding relisting that has nothing to do with this topic. Should I mention it here or create a new topic for it?

I think you should create a new topic so other visitors won’t get confused :wink:

Regards, Kristian

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