Duplicating Listing for Scheduler has slowed down in new release

This problem was resolved in a previous release for those of us that list 300-400 items at a time. Upgraded to current release 7.0.14 (836) and now the slow down has re-appeared.

Is the delay when scheduling long enough to invoke the “Sample” command from the “Activity view” utility on your Mac? It would be interesting to see what’s causing this.

You fixed this issue in Release 7.0.9 Beta 2 . See below. Can’t you just go back to your notes and re-incorporate the change into the current Version 7 release?

I believe I was able to optimise of few more seconds out of the process in the latests betas. Also, the command for creating new event now has an accounts submenu.

Please give that version a try and see how it works for you:


GarageSale 7.0.9 Beta 2 Released

Dear GarageSale Users, The second beta version of GarageSale 7.0.9 is available for you to download from the URL below, or from the built-in updater if you are running a previous beta version: …

The fix from that old beta is still in there. We haven’t touched the scheduler in a while, so it’s probably a completely different issue you are facing this time.

It could also be that old events are pilling up in the database causing the beach ball. The output from the “Sample” command really would be helpful in diagnosing the source of this.

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