Duplication Listings

Hello, we relisted some items on eBay form GarageSale. The items showed that they had ended on GarageSale in that gray color icon when the listing ends. The only thing is that when we relisted the items with GarageSale, we are guessing they did not end on eBay so they flagged us with violation of eBay policy for 7 days no listings or relisting. They are saying that there is something wrong on the app we use (GarageSale). Please help. We are on GS 7.0.15 (837)

I get this all the time and have been told it is a communication error during the re-list process. It lists on Ebay but the message back gets interrupted.

Incredibly disruptive and it may also explain the phenomenon of listings disappearing. The grey one is moved to deleted items after the “re-list” but the new listed item is not created.

When caught, the only thing I have found is to end the item on Ebay and re-list it from GS.

What would be awesome is to have it when you “Update All Orders” that there is a list of items found on Ebay that are missing or don’t match status with your GS listings. At least then we know what needs fixing

I am not sure if I understood this correctly, unfortunately. Is the problem that you relisted the item through the eBay website (not from within GarageSale) and now the initial listing is displayed as “ended” in GarageSale?

Regards, Kristian

We never relist from eBay. Only from GarageSale. Once the item ends the icon on GarageSale changes to the color gray and that is when we relist. There is times that it duplicates the item on eBay. This time they flagged us on and gave us a 7 day no listing or resiting. I spoke with eBay again and they said they would removed the restriction on us this time. Next time it will be longer than 7 days. They told me that it is a GagageSale issue.

Go to “http://www.isdntek.com/ebaytools/DuplicateListings.htm” and run it every day on your own store. It will catch all duplicates. You are lucky that they removed your 7 day suspension. With me, they just kind of laughed, said they were sorry, and don’t do duplicate listings. I kept getting passed around and they all said “sorry, nothing can be done”. I run the duplicates listing web page every day I am done listing because eBay is so strict on this issue.

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That link works. Thank you

Great Tool. Would love one for GarageSale as well. Find the duplicates at the source.

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