eBay Business Policies ~ are they now mandatory in GS?

I purchased a new iMac and transferred all auction templates. I originally opted In to eBays business Policies but, I do not understand them or why I ended up with 50 different policies. I ended up deleting all running auctions so I could delete ALL the business policies I had somehow created. I have since Opted Out and now get errors for No Shipping Service specified???

Q: If using GS are the eBay policies mandatory? If so, where do I go to get help on creating them?

I am completely confused. I use to actually enjoy selling in GS and eBay. Not so much now…

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If I understand these eBay warnings/errors correctly it has nothing to do with business policies but with your shipping options or to be more precise with the selected “shipping services”.
Does it make a difference, if you remove the shipping services (click on the minus button) in the shipping options and re-add them afterwards?
Please also check your settings in the “International” tab!

Also, do you get these error if you select the Start commend from the toolbar, too?

In general “Profiles” for payment/shipping/returns are pre-defined rules which are mostly automatically created for each user by eBay. Hence the cryptic name. When used, these profiles override the settings for payment/shipping/returns you specified in GarageSale. You can view and edit these profiles on the “My eBay” page. GarageSale does not create or alter any of these profiles. For more details about eBay’s business policies, please see the eBay help here: http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/business-policies.html

Regards, Kristian

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Kristian, It doesn’t matter if I delete it, re-enter it it still says that I have not entered a shipping option. This has not ever happened before I Opted In to the eBay “business policies”. I’m showing you that I HAVE selected a shipping option, no matter which option I pick, it still gives me the same exact error message. I have nothing in the International tab on this particular auction. (I tried Flat Rate…noting works) :persevere:

Can you export that listing, zip it, and either post it here or send it to our support team for investigation. Thanks.

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SkyHawk Model 9600 Ultra High Power Binoculars.gslisting.zip (344.4 KB)

Also, I was using GS6 on my other iMac, I just bought this iMac this week and installed GS7. I don’t know if that makes any difference.

Thanks for the listing file. I’m getting the same error here as well, but I cannot figure out what’s causing this.

I filed a bug report with eBay dev support about this and will let you know what they get back with.

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Is it possible that I didn’t transfer something correctly when I transferred my GS6 files over via my X-Drive?

Heard back from eBay. That listing contained an invalid value in the shipping locations, which triggered eBay to return the error code.

Here is a patched version of GarageSale, that doesn’t send this particular value to eBay, so you should be able to proceed:


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I am “replacing” the GS app I have loaded , correct?

Yes, if something is worse than before, you can always get your current version back from our website.

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I think that’s it ! Hopefully I won’t be back anytime soon.

Thank you to everyone. :revolving_hearts:

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