Ebay.ca user - Error Message "update currency to CAD"

Editing because I can’t see an option to delete this message! I did got to the help boards at eBay and it does appear Canadians now must list in CAD. I was confused because GS has the USD option, maybe if we’re using ebay.ca that shouldn’t be an option eh? I get that we are a relatively small market.

I wish to list my auctions, from eBay.ca, in USD.  I've been listing this way for years from TurboLister.  I keep getting this error message in the screenshot on all of my auctions.  I figured maybe eBay changed it since I last used GarageSale/listed (about a year ago) so I changed my currency in the Preferences to CAD.  All of my auctions are still listed in USD in GarageSale.

So, does eBay not allow you to list in US from eBay.ca any longer?  (I understand if this is considered an eBay question but I try to avoid their "help" boards.)  

And, if that is the case, do I have to redo all of my auctions saved in GarageSale in CAD?  Or, is there a way to bulk process to change the currency?  Thank you. using GS version 6.9.7 http://feedback.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=hocotatefreight

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Yes, you can only list on eBay Canada using $CA in your listing. eBay changed this about 3 months ago.

In the Templates inspector, scroll to the bottom of the Advanced tab. There is an option to switch the currency.

thank you, ilia! I already redid the 2 dozen auctions :confounded: but it’s good to know I can change the currency in Inspector if I have to in the future.

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