Ebay error message HTTP / HPPTS

When I attempt to list an item with GarageSale on my iPad app, I received this error message:
eBay Error
eBay security policy only allows HTTPS resources in listings, not HTTP. Please update or remove any HTTP resources.

I have no idea what this all means.

Any advice?

Sorry, we are no longer supporting the iOS version of GarageSale. There weren’t enough users to justify ongoing development.

Therefore, GarageSale for iOS never got the fix that would have been necessary to keep it compatible with eBay news HTTPS requirements introduced last fall.

I found that using my program on my computer works fine, its the app on the iPad that does not.
This morning I also received this message which seems the opposite of your advice:
Dear Valerie,

yes, please check out our FAQ site on help how to make your listings ready for eBay’s new policies (https, links, active content):


GarageSale 7.0.8 takes care of the new “HTTPS” requirements from eBay. GarageSale uses only HTTPS-Bild-URLs. You as a customer does simply need to make sure you do not enter any content/URLs containing HTTP-protokoll.

Best Regards,
Matthias Hecker

Ilja is refering to the iOS app of GarageSale, GarageSale Touch. GarageSale Touch has been discontinued. It’s no longer updated and not compatible with the changes of the eBay system, e.g. the “https” requirements.

Matthias is referring to the Mac version of GarageSale. GarageSale 7 for Mac supports all the changes of the eBay system, including “https”.

Hope this helps,

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