eBay for Charity (Nonprofit Not Showing) GS9

I recently looked into directing a portion of our store sales to a nonprofit, however, it is not showing up in the USA charity list when searched within GS 9. Quite confusing as I help run two nonprofits and I know both have been successfully participating in eBay for Charity for several years. I can create listings within eBay directly and denote listings to benefit either nonprofit, but not from within GS itself. I clicked on the wheel to update the charity list, and also updated our eBay token in the GS Preferences, but the preferred nonprofit is still not showing up in the list.

Maybe that specific nonprofit is not available through eBay’s API yet. Could you let me know what nonprofit you are missing so I can try it here?

Coin Store Day Inc.
and also
RocketSTEM Media Foundation Inc.

Both have been registered with eBay for Charity for several years, or longer.

I checked to see if I clicked to edit an existing listing within eBay’s website, if either nonprofit would show up and they both did.

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