eBay for Charity not available on GS7?

In order to donates the proceeds of some sales, I have specified a few favorite charities on my eBay account, as shown in the screenshot below.

However, these charities do not show up on GarageSale 7, even after the system updates the available charities, as shown here:

Is there a work-around for this, or will the application be updated to include updated charities in the future?

Did you try preferences>account>refresh account information? And to refresh the token? Should be the first one, in my opinion…

Hi, and thanks for the reply. I refreshed the token and the account info, and the charities still don’t show up. I’m wondering if the function itself is out of date, as it mentions that a “Mission Fish” account is required, but this is not required on the eBay webpage.

This article(http://www.thirdsector.co.uk/giving-easier-remodelled-ebay/fundraising/article/778344) confirms that the MissionFish info on garagesale is about 9 years out of date.

23 January 2008 by Emma Rigby

Sellers on auction website eBay will be able to donate a proportion of their proceeds to charity direct from their eBay accounts from March.

Currently, charity supporters selling items on the auction site have to leave eBay and visit a separate site, MissionFish.org.uk, in order make donations to good causes through the eBay for Charity scheme.

The programme will be relaunched in March so that sellers can manage their donations without leaving eBay.


this seems to be an issue with version 7.0.6 of GarageSale. Please make sure you use the latest version and follow the steps below to redownload the complete set of charity organisations again:

  1. Open GarageSale and select Help -> Open Library Folder
  2. Quit GarageSale
  3. In the Finder window, delete the folder named Charities.leveldb
  4. Reopen GarageSale and select the charity popover again. All available charities will be downloaded

If there are still missing organisations, please send me all messages popping up in the Console utility while you downloaded the charity organisations.


Thank you! I’m using GarageSale 7.0.7. I quit GS, deleted the Charities.leveldb
folder, and re-opened, then clicked on the Charity button. A new set of
charities is available, but many are missing, including my favorited ones.
The only popup message I received during this procedure said “Downloading
charities list …”

Did you see any messages in the Console utility? You can find it in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder. Just open it and search for GarageSale in the upper right search field. Then download the charities again.

If there are no messages about timeouts, the list is complete, as we do download it from eBay through the API. We can contact eBay and ask for missing organisations if you tell me which are available through eBay but not through GarageSale/the API.


Sorry for your time wasted, but there was actually a bug in GarageSale’s code for downloading charity information. If you download the version from the link below, refresh the charity information, you should see all the organisations from your screenshot:


Thank you very much!!!
That did the trick.

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