Ebay Image Loading issue

I am starting a new thread here because no matter what I do I can not get images to load? Below are screen shots of the issues? I have set Beta 7 up with exactly the same settings (where possible) as GS 6 but can not get it to work?

So far we have not been able to reproduce the issue. We are still looking into it.

Not really a happy person at the moment :frowning: I have upgraded to beta 7 solely because of the EAN/UPC issue … and now I can’t list any products. I have a couple of hundred listing to make and nearly all are multiple listings and I can’t … as you can imagine this is really affecting my business … no listing = no sales :frowning:

I’m confident that we will have solution by tomorrow evening. Keep your fingers crossed. :wink:

Any luck on this issue yet Ilja?

We released Beta 15 yesterday, which should address this issue:

Hi ilja … yes that works fine now thank you