eBay Import Not Updating

Hello Iwascoding:

Currently having an issue with Import from eBay.

In my workflow I typically import my SCHEDULED listings from ebay into GS9.3

As of today GS9 is no longer updating scheduled listings when attempting an ebay import. The are not showing up. In fact almost none of my ebay listings from the past months (active) are populating the results. (it is only a fraction of the normal amount of 4000+ listings that the "My ebay Listings window displays)

Did something change as of today or is this a temporary issue? Hoping for some info as I have used this function daily without issue for the past couple of years.



Update: must have been a server issue with eBay as now it is working again.

I was attempting this for the last 2 hours without success. Seems to be working now

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