eBay International Shipping option

How do I get eBay International Shipping to show as a shipping option for my listings? I only have eBay Standard International Shipping as an option.

I can’t tell for sure but I guess that both are the same options. Did you already try to start a listing with “eBay Standard International Shipping” and then checked the live listing?

You might try setting up Business Policies on ebay. All my shipping options are set up and controlled from the ebay settings on shipping, payment and return policies. They are then updated into GS.
Here is the page link for US:Security Measure

Hi. I get a message in the Start box that tells me that eBay Standard International is deprecated and it is substituting eBay International Shipping for every single listing that I start. So, it is not actually a problem, but I wish that I could just choose that in the shipping options.

eBay International Shipping (in the US) is a weird system, unlike the other direct International options. As a seller you set a domestic shipping option, and when your item sells, that is what will be paid to send the item to a distribution center. eBay hides the International part of the shipping from you entirely, and in fact doesn’t let you modify anything about it at all. With the older packaging options, we sellers had to do all the paperwork and charge the correct amount for all addresses.

This is not in defense of the program (which I’ve had some serious problems with). But just to say that it isn’t able to be an option on individual listings; eBay either will offer it on all my listings, or if I opt out (which I honestly don’t remember how to do) it won’t. I never see anything I can use to control it in any other way.

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