eBay Is It Worth The Effort? New Article at IMPress Magazine

Hey guys, just published a new article on IMPress Magazine, worth a look. Details some of the real costs and issues selling on eBay and how Garage Sale can help.

I am the president of the International Press Assoc. and publish IMPress Magazine. I have been an eBay Power and Most Trusted Seller since 1998 and have sold over a half million dollars in merchandise.

Check it out, I think you will find it of interest.

Len Rapoport


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Well, the first thing I would say is, lucky you guy who did billions with movie poster :smile: I have literally tons of them and it does not worth the cost to busy my storehouse, like magazines and so on, stuff which is (generally) “rubbish” here and not there. This is to say, in my very own opinion, that some of your examples should fit your market, but barely all. You undoubtedly gave an exceptional inside about the cost of selling and of course I cannot imagine listing on ebay without GS. Concerning ebay fees, it again depends on your site. With a premium account here you have 10.000 listings without any listing fees (30-days and GTC), until some months ago you could list infinite listings without fees (and it was so for many many years). Since some months they changed costs and now if you need an infinite listing plan you have to pay about 4 times what you paid before. Crazy…
Concerning the kind of good to sell over ebay, I made a choice, all “medium-low” goods (around 30€ the average, < 200€ maximum) are for ebay, all others (>200€) over other platforms like Catawiki (and here again the difference between different markets… I never heard about some sites you mentioned and I don’t think seller from here would have success there, like you don’t have an American site of catawiki and I think it would be quite complicated for you to use that platform for selling).
Does it worth selling over ebay? Too difficult to say, it depends on too many aspects, first of all on where you are and what you sell. I just say that, at least for what I do, you unfortunately cannot live without ebay…
Hope this makes sense, I would be interested to hear some other opinion around the globe.

I haven’t quite figured out the link between eBay and Amazon. I order often on eBay and it is fulfilled by amazon. My guess is that sellers are putting amazon goods on eBay and then have amazon fulfil them.
Or a prime member has amazon fulfill an order as a gift to their eBay customer. There must be a system they are using to take the orders from eBay and convert them into amazon shipping. Seems like a good deal. No inventory, no shipping. Don’t know if I can keep up with all this.

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