eBay Motors categories

Does GarageSale have the categories for the eBay Motors? If so it’s not coming up on my side.


the eBay Motors site is a different site, like for instance eBay Germany and eBay UK. To list cars or car parts on eBay Motors you have to set the eBay site for your auction template to “eBay motors”. You can do this in Advanced settings of your templates.

Regards, Kristian

How do I do that and how do I get there? We sell motorcycle apparel and parts.
We are trying the DEMO before buying it. We need to make sure it works for what we need.



Can also be set globally in PREFERENCES > GENERAL

How can I do that or how do I get there? I’m selling motorcycle apparel and parts.

I’m trying the demo before I buy it. I need to make sure it works me.

Raul Ramirez

Okay I found the eBay Motors USA under the Preferences / General / Site. It still did not bring up the categories.


Now go to PREFERENCES > CATEGORIES, click UPDATE NOW, let that run, them exit preferences, then click NEW TEMPLATE at top of GarageSale. Once you have the new template, choose that, then go to the INSPECTOR window (if that is not visible click the I icon top right, at the top of the inspector click ADVANCED with the little gauge icon, then look on that window near the bottom and the eBay sire popup should be EBAY MOTORS USA, then click OPTIONS on the INSPECTOR window, and click the magnifying glass next to FIRST CATEGORY and you can pick your category there.

Okay. Perfect, got that done. When we SAVE where does it go, what folder?

It’s all internal - I believe it is saved to an internal database. But you can EXPORT for archiving or to move to another machine FILE MENU > EXPORT TEMPLARES. You can save as multiple templates in a single file or export them individually.

Will there be a SAVE or BACKUP all templates/files coming in the future?

When you choose SAVE from the FILE menus or keystroke COMMAND-S it does save now, just not to different files. Think of it like a database in Filemaker - you can have a database of all your contacts, maybe thousands of entries, but they are all in that one contact file. And GarageSale does keep back-ups internally, but you should also run a backup of your computer just to be safe!


there’s an Export command in the FILE menu that already might do the job for you.

Regards, Kristian

I do all that now. Just was wondering if some day in the future if there will be a save/backup all fetcher. So we can save/backup on to a external drive.