Ebay motors on mobile doesnt show

I cant seem to get ebay motors to show on the mobile version of garage sale. Mobile also wont import any current auctions unless they have been originated on Garage Sale.

My current work around to the above is to post to the wrong category, then go to ebay and edit and cut and paste the HTML code to a new auction that I post thru ebay website. Once I do this, Garage Sale wont reload the new auction into garage sale so I have to monitor all auctions thru ebay instead of GS since GS only sees some auctions. its a pain in the butt to do this but its the only way I see how to get it work properly.

Am I missing something?


the eBay Motors site is a different site, like for instance eBay Germany and eBay UK. To list cars or car parts on eBay Motors you have to set the eBay site for your listing to “eBay motors”. You can select the eBay site in the GarageSale preferences. If done all newly created listing will upload to this site.

Regarding the import of listings from eBay: Did you already check the “import from eBay” settings in the GarageSale preferences?

Regards, Kristian

Yes its set to import from Ebay.

As for setting your ebay site for listings to Ebay motors, how is this done in the App? Do I have to manually go back to preferences each time and toggle back and forth btwn Ebay USA and Ebay Motor USA each time I want to put up an action in each of these sites? Is this the intended method?


both can be set in the GarageSale preferences.
Please see the “Preferences” button in the 2nd screenshot here:

Regards, Kristian

So I need to manually go to prefs and toggle my sites each time I want to list in either of the USA ebay sites? it doesnt seem to allow me to select both. When I switch to ebay Motors, nothing happens in the app. Could this be another bug?

Yes, so far you can’t select the eBay Site in the listing settings directly as you can do in GarageSale/Mac.

Switching the prefs to the other site (ebay Motors) does nothing to change the category listings in the app. Any other suggestions?

You have to create a new listing after switching the site. That new listing will offer the categories of the selected site.

didnt seem to work as indicated above but force quit and relaunch of the app worked. Not the most elegant solution but it worked. Running the latest release of the app, 2.1

Any idea if the mobile app is being worked on? Ive seen quite a few areas that could improve in regards to speed, usability and function. The app gets the job done but its not without some pain. lol

thanks for your help