Ebay - remove contact information from listings issue

Hi, I have 2 ebay stores and I have created all of my listings with Garagesale. I received this notification from ebay yesterday regarding ALL of my listings:
We don’t allow listings to include contact info such as emails, phone numbers and social media links. Please remove all contact info from these listings.

So I contacted ebay to find out what the problem was as I didn’t have any emails, phone numbers or links in any of my listings.

This was their reply today:Thank you for contacting eBay about your listings that contains contact information or link.

I checked your account and I see that your active listings are found to have link/s. Upon further review, I noticed that they were created via a third party tool which is Garage sale. When you click the photos in the description, it will link the user to a pop up page where the photo can be viewed. Furthermore, there is a GarageSale button at the bottom of the description. When you click it, you will be routed to the website of Garage Sale. Those are the links that our system found in your listings. You may want to contact Garage sale support so that they can assist you in removing the links in your listings.
Thank you for choosing eBay!

Anyway, what do I do now??? I have a few hundred listings with these Garage sale links in them. Do I need to go through them one by one, and how do I update the photos so that they don’t have links in them? Hope you can help with an easy solution.

Open preferences > footer section and delete the code, then revise listings. It should work concerning that button

What about for the photos???

Thanks I found that in the preferences section - didn’t know that existed thanks. I’ve unchecked that box for the Garage sale footer. So now I’m doing a bulk revise of all of my listings and hopefully that will remove the footer from each one… I’m not sure what to do about the photos as Ebay says that when you click on the photos in my listings it will link the user to a pop up page where the photo can be viewed. How do I change this??

Well wait for further opinions but from my point of view… never pay attention to ebay assistance, that’s the most useless service I have never met, at least here in Italy, I don’t know there. So, from my point of view that’s not a problem, I have the same link for all images (on ebay.it/.com/.uk) and never had problems. Are you sure you don’t have contact info? Maybe you can add a link to one of your listings, it might help.

If you don’t want a “pop-up” window, you have to switch to EPS instead of GS hosting.

If you already use GarageSale 7.0.8 there’s no need to remove the default footer. GarageSale will correct the footer automatically the next time you start/revise/relist a listing.

Which design and layout do you use?

Regards, Kristian

I too today have had this message start on my listings … and the number is growing by the hour!! I have 500 listing made on garagesale … i have unchecked the footer but does it mean that all 500 active listings have to be revised? Help!!

In addition: Can you please send me a link to ONE of your affected listings so I can have acloser look at it?

Regards, Kristian

Did you already contact the eBay support, too? If so, what did they say exactly?
Also, can you please send me a link to ONE of your affected listings so I can have a closer look at it?

Regards, Kristian

Yes, I’m having this same issue, I have 2,000 items that will get flagged with this. Is there a good way to bulk revise all of these to remove this issue?

Sorry, there’s no good way to revise just the listings flagged by eBay, as we don’t get the information wich listings are affected by eBay.

So, you probably have to select all your running listings instead and run a bulk revise of the description on those.

But please hold off another day before doing this revise, as we have to update our designs to no including links around images in the description first.

Uhm will this change interest all template in GS7 ? Is it automatic? Revising 5000+ listing would take a whiiile…

Ok, also, if you could give a good example of how to do a bulk revise for this I’d appreciate it, thanks!

I have this problem showing up today. It is slowly adding all my listings. I have turned off the GarageSale insert in preferences. However, as all my 800 listings are GTC, I am now tediously updating them all.

It is definitely the garagesale footer insert that is the issue … have turned it off in preferences. made a smart group with all 300 BIN listings, selected them all and am now doing a bulk revise, just the description though. It is slowly fixing the problem so guess it is now no more free advertising for Garagesale in our listings!!

You don’t need to turn off the footer. Just revising would be enough, as we altered our footer to be complained with eBay’s new policies.

It will probably take a while until eBay enforces that rule on all sites. The problem should fix itself if your listing are regularly re-listed.

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