eBay Shipping Rate Tables Toggle?

Using GS7 and have been exploring eBay’s Rate tables for domestic & international shipping. In order to fine tune the shipping parameters I have created multiple Rate Tables on ebay.

GS does not appear to have any sort of toggle to select which Rate Table a listing should use and only gives a checkbox for “use shipping rate table”.

I have attached the 1st screenshot to show how ebay’s native listing program has a toggle for listings, and the 2nd screenshot shows GS without any options. Does GS have a toggle somewhere and I’ve missed it or is this not an option?

Thanks as always

I’ve really tried to find this option but can’t seem to figure it out. Does anyone use this feature?

At the bottom of the shipping profile drop down list is an ‘Update Profiles’ selection.
Do this each time you change data on eBay profile page.

Sorry, GarageSale does not support specifying a specific shipping rate table. It seems that feature was added to the API after we initially implemented support for shipping rate tables.

I put it on our to do list.

Great, thank you ilja. Will this only be a fix for GS 8 or GS7 as well? Eventually we will move to GS8 but still need to use GS7 for a bit longer until we are ready for the change.

Sorry, but you won’t get this new feature in GS 7.

In order to download the list of available rate table, we need to integrate with a completely new suite of API calls eBay introduced in the last year or so, which use a different authorization flow, a different authorization token, and a different way of communicating with eBay’s server.

So it’s quite a lot work, and we won’t have it done before GarageSale 8.2 ships.

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