eBay Store Categories not showing in eBay listing made with GarageSale 6

If I add new categories to my ebay page why do they not show on my older listings?

Could you try to describe this more specific?
Are you referring to your store categories?
Which version of GarageSale do you have installed?

Regards, Kristian

Yes I am referring to store categories, if you look at one of may older listings made on GS6 (221942609069) and a newer listing made with GS7 (322035007478) the newer listing show the Shop by Brand but the older doesn’t?

In GarageSale 7, your store categories are updated automatically. In GS 6, you have to manually do this from the Account preferences.

Yes in Garagesale but on eBay I thought the store categories were linked and updated when the categories where updated (either automatically or manually)?

The left hand store menu is computed locally by GarageSale when you start your listing. Unless your revise your listings with GarageSale after an store category update, new store categories won’t appear on eBay automatically.

OK … maybe it is something you can add for future updates … surely a bit of code is all that is needed :slight_smile: