eBay store categories not updating

GarageSale is not updating eBay store categories. I added new categories over 7 days and they are not showing up in my garagesale.


did you already download your store categories in the GarageSale preferences>Accounts>Store?


Regards, Kristian

Thank you…did not do that

This information is from 2013 and for the old version of GarageSale. In GS 7 how can I get the categories that show up in eBay to link up with the page it refers to? I have the same problem with my store name and the box “Visit My Store” not directing the person to the correct page in eBay.

In general clicking on “Update Account Details” in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts should do the trick.
However, if you’re referring to the link to your eBay store (not to a link to one of your store categories), please let me know what eBay site this is or better send me a link to one of your listings in question.

Regards, Kristian

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