eBay Store- Why are my Listing Fees always $1.80

I have an eBay Store and I can’t seem to get my listings below $1.80 for a listing fee. I’m only listing in 1 category, Fixed Price, GTC listings. Could there be something else I’m missing that is charging me a fee that I can’t seem to find? I’ve tried clearing all info out of my Master Template, starting a new template, I just can’t seem to find anything.

I’m on a iMac, macOS High Sierra, using GS 7.0.20 (856).
Thx, Vickie

You probably have a paid eBay option selected, e.g. a subtitle or the “private listing” option.

You can check the listing fees in the Lauch Control panel:
listing fees

However, if you’re referring to the fees displayed next to the “Start” button in the toolbar, please note that this is just a forecast provided by the eBay system. ebay does not necessarily pass the actual fees back to GS in the API e.g. when they have special promotions. All GS gets is the “normal” ebay fee information.

If unsure, list one listing first and then look in “my ebay” sellers account just to check what eBay charge you (or didn’t charge you).

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Please excuse my ignorance. I haven’t used this in over a year. Where is that ‘launch’ window located? I can’t seem to find it.

That window automatically opens if you start, relist or revise a listing. Just click on the “Start…” button in the toolbar to make it appear.
More info:

Regards, Kristian

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Thank you. It’s been too long I guess. I found the selling fees :wink: Only .30. charged. Thx again :wink:

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