Ebay UK - International site visibility disappeared?


I just tried to list an old item on ebay UK. I got the error that this item is not "eligible for international sale"which is odd because I have chosen this several times for exactly this item. Now I directly went to the ebay site, tried to relist this old item and was surprised that I could not tick the box for this option - it has simply disappeared. When I list on ebay USA, Garagesale still offers this option for UK visibility, it works for other items - . A few days ago (when I made the upgrade to version 773) I still could chose international visibility for the USA when I uploaded to ebay UK. I am a bit confused. Ebay used to make a lot of money with this option, now it has gone without a trace? Did anybody else come across this problem as well?

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@sabine please explain me what this option is (or was) because it sounds very very interesting… I have never heard or seen something like that

I must add that it seems to be a problem with one specific item (at least it has - so far - been the only one where the “problem” occured). I just tried it with other items uploaded to ebay UK and with international visibility. The option was available, all was fine. So, it must have something to do with this one item for which the option was simply not available - neither in Garagesale nor directly on ebay. Oh well, if it is just one item, I will be able to live with it.

To answer your question: You will find the option when you list on ebay.com or ebay.uk (possibly in other, I don’t know this is where I list apart from ebay Germany). Go to the inspector, click on “advanced” and you will see the option.

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Hello @sabinesabine
thanks for your reply, finally I find it!!! It was very hidden, a pop-up window… is it a free option or does it cost?

Great, I’m glad I could help you. It is not free (actually, what is free on ebay :wink: ?).

Mmmh you are right… I was reading something about this and it seems to be available only for UK, US and Canada. Last question and then I won’t disturbe you more :slight_smile: … how much does it cost? Jeez I still leave too money to eBay…

Anyway it seems to work for all my listing on US-UK sites, are you sure that your problem is not because of a specific category?

Thank you again!

Not disturbing at all. - I list only in one or two categories, so this can’t be the reason. Garagesale tells you the price for listing before you decide to upload. Try it with this option - and then without. You will see the difference. As far as I remember, it was something like 40 or 50 pence for one category (it doubles when you list in two categories).

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:astonished: I suppose I won’t try this at all. Crazy… I have just checked, 55 cent. €… absurd, I would pay around 800 euro in addiction every month …

Anyway, thank you again for let me discover something I did not know. I hope you could solve your trouble.

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