eBay-UK now requires EAN - where is this in GarageSale?

Hi David,

I have uploaded a pre-release for you here:


Please note that you have to update your categories in the preferences (even if it states that it is already up to date). With this release you will still get the warning about the not found product, but you should be able to upload listings without a EAN/ISBN/UPC to categories that requires a product identifier. The “Does not Apply” is automatically set on those items.


I now have this problem as of today. I am trying to list in ‘Home, Furniture, DIY > Appliances > Other Appliances’. I downloaded the pre-release from Paul above and updated the category tree then quit & restarted. I am still getting the error ‘21919301 Required field, EAN, is missing. Please add EAN to the listing and retry’.


what did you enter in the Barcode field?


Hi Paul - OK this was my error!!

When I restarted I clicked on my docked icon (related to the previous version). I opened your pre-release and this time I can confirm it was accepted by eBay. I had nothing in the barcode field.

Hi I also have this problem, it will not accept a valid EAN Number in the barcode field ?

Hi Jenson,

could you post the EAN so we can try to reproduce it here?

Regards, Kristian


I have the same Problem with GarageSale and EAN, which are required. I still tried the pre-release version posted above but it won’t work. The EAN is 609408433351 and I placed it in the Bar Code Field and also, I created a customer field called EAN. I use the category Musical Instruments.

If I use 609408433351, I get an error and a warning:

The error is this:

Required field, EAN, is missing. Please add EAN to the listing and retry.

I was able to get around this by prefixing your EAN code with a zero.

The warning I got is:

No product found for ProductListingDetails. <609408433351>.

There is nothing we can do about it, so I just selected that warning in the error panel and clicked the “Ignore” button, so I won’t so it again.

I have downloaded the pre-release version, I enter Does not apply in the barcode field in the inspector and still get error 21919301 Required field, EAN, is missing. Please add EAN to the listing and retry.
I am trying to list in category 51,071 USB Flash drives and no they do not have any barcodes as they are a bulk buy from China.

it seems like UPC/EAN is weak spot of GarageSale. many problems with them.

Have you tried listing your USB sticks with the barcode field empty? That’s what I did, and the verification went through without any errors.

Hello. For weeks I have been trying to list vinyl records many of which have no EAN or barcode information. I have tried leaving the Barcode field in the inspector window empty and I have also tried putting Does not apply. Either way I get an error whilst uploading stating > Error 21919301 Ean is missing a value. Enter a value and try again. I have updated to the newest version and updated the categories too. Please advise when a work around will be implemented. I am not happy that after many many weeks no solution is available. This is now also happening when I try to list Lego sets under Toy & Games > Construction Kits . Lego

Hi Guy -

I have been using
Not Applicable
for LPs when it kicks them back. I think it is an EBAY problem, not Garagesale. Seems maybe different categories need different wording to get around it? Also, not all LPs need something in the barcode box, AND it seems like they are constantly updating their database, as one week an LP won’t need anything in that field, and the next week it does.


Hi, I’m trying to list items in Musical Instruments and i am also getting the error 21919301 EAN missing a value. I have tried copy and pasting into the field scanning the EAN from the relevant item into the field and also typing it in but to no avail. also i have tried adding not applicable, NA, N/A, none of these work! is there any other work around that people have found as we have over 2000 products stored in garage sale and i don’t really want to have to go through listing them via the site.

Also it sometimes brings this error up when you are just trying to amend a price!

Please help i have the boss breathing down my neck.


Hi Paul,

it worked for Guy to update the eBay category data (he contacted the support).
Simply open the GarageSale preferences and update the categories in the Categories tab.
Choose ‘Download Anyway’ if prompted.
(Make sure the correct eBay site is selected in the GarageSale preferences>General.)

Back in Template mode check re-select the category.

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian,

That seems to have done the trick!


Hi there I tried to list something on eBay with variations but there is no where to put ean codes for them.
Where do you put them as I can’t list any new items with out putting it in? I can list single items by putting in Does not apply but variations not work with.

You’d need to upgrade to GarageSale 7, which is in beta testing right now to list variations with ean codes. The download link is in this post:

I downloaded garagesale 7 and was able to list a item with variations. But today I opened it up and it won’t even open up to alter my listing which I need to do. Getting very frustrated here as I got so much to do on eBay and I can’t even list anything, I would not mind but I had to pay for the licence also. Please can someone help as the programme is just not working.
Thanks Lee

What version of GarageSale 7 do you have installed? Is there any error panel coming up? When you open the Console utility (under /Application/Utilities), do you see anything logged from GarageSale when you try to start it again?