Edge case bug in GS 8.x

I happened to find an unexpected edge case in GarageSale in the launch window popup.

Because of a series of complicated moves (nothing weird, just a mistake on my part), I ended up with the “Move Originals To:” item checked, but no folder name in the dropdown menu.

As soon as the app attempted to move the item, the app crashed, reproducibly.

It looks like “no selection” is not actually present on the dropdown, but somehow it remained unassigned. Might have been an update? Might have been a cycle through having the checkbox off? Might be because I removed the folder it was pointing to originally?

It feels like a validation step should be enough to catch this, in any case. I don’t know what the series of moves was that produced the weird association of checkmark and empty list selection.

You are right, GS shouldn’t crash if there’s no folder selected in the ‘Move Originals To:’ popup. We’ll try to reproduce and fix this.

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I still I have no idea what sequence of interface moves might have ended up in this configuration, sorry!

When I say “reproducibly” I mean that when I restarted the app it was back in “no assigned folder” state, because it had crashed in that state, and launching again while in that state was still a crash.

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