Edit GS Images all at once?

I was wondering if there is a way to edit image sizes in GS all at once. I used to take huge photos and now every listing I have is around 100 MB each, which 1000+ hand editing will be nightmare and now my disk space is running low. I will appreciate any suggestions! Thank you!

The program called “GraphicConverter” makes bulk editing like you want to do very easy. It is a very full-featured program which I’ve used for years for lots of photo and image editing purposes.

Sorry, there is no way at the moment to automate the process. In theory, you could try to run a bulk-resizing tool over the directory where your images are stored, but I’m not entirely sure that wouldn’t put off GarageSale.

You could use the “Open in External Editor” command to resize the images in a way that would GarageSale recognise the image change, but unfortunately that only works on image at a time.

If you Mac’s drive can be replaced, it would look into upgrading to a bigger drive. With 500GB SSD’s now well under $100, that might good investment compared to the time it takes resizing the images…

I have the 500 SSD but the problem is switching between listings, when doing so it takes few seconds every time. I am revising the listings quite often so I really need to save up time, there are listings with 50 MB info, sometimes even more, so it makes the process very tardy. I will make a copy of the library, will run a batch editing and will let you know if it’s working. Problem is, in the library there are pictures of sold and unsold items, so I have 25 000 photos to edit. :unamused: I am getting closer to 10 000, fingers crossed it will work.

*Bryan, I tried with that program, but it is not efficient enough for that big of a quest. Thank you though!

Done it, it works perfect, no errors or crashes! Downsized from 100 GB ImageLibrary to just 23 GB! Now I can feel the software runs smoother and lighter, huge difference. Thanks a lot, I didn’t know there is a folder containing all the images, otherwise I would have done that earlier. :sunny:

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