Editing or Making a Custom GS Listing Template

Hey Guys,

We have hired an HTML person to help customize our Garagesale listing template, but after reviewing the information here: https://manual.iwascoding.com/gs7/en/Miscellaneous-Creating_Own_Listing_Designs.html

Our guy was unable to figure out exactly how to edit or create a new template as he mentions:

  1. “Even with the code you just sent me, the template files are pulling data from other files” - I believe he means specific template code which is not easily accessible?

He was able to create a template that works if you select the “don’t use a design” feature, but that template does not work well with the other features of garagesale and we would instead prefer a default garagesale template (PRO>COMPACT) that can be more customized. Is this possible? And if so what would the HTML designer need?

Any help would be appreciated


Hmm, tbh it’s not clear to me what your guy is referring to, unfortunately.

Actually, you just need your HTML code and save it as a file called “body.html”. In that HTML insert the placeholders for title, description, images etc.
You also need an “info.plist” file. It’s important to enter a unique “identifier” name.
Put the two files into a folder and call it “MyDesign.designTemplate”.
All this is described in the help.

If possible, use the Design Utility to create the design template.

You could also take one of the built-in design templates (not the ones from the Design Store), duplicate and customize it.

Regards, Kristian

Does the Design Utility require the paid version of Garagesale?

Our guy can’t seem to open it and maybe this is the cause as he is using the free version to help build the template?

The Design Utility can be used for free.
The newest version is 4.0 beta 2. Please give this one a try:


Regards, Kristian

Thank you, I’ll see if that works for him. Is there also a way to get one of the designs we paid for into the Utility to be edited? Specifically I purchased the PRO: COMPACT and really wanted minor tweaks to fit our company logo/etc

The source code of designs from the Design Store can’t be edited, sorry. However, it’s possible to re-style parts of the design by adding some CSS code. If you let me know what tweaks are needed to fit your logo, I’ll see if I can provide you with the required CSS.

Regards, Kristian

I sent you a PM to consider as these were the changes we had paid the HTML guy to make but we cannot get it to load into GarageSale unless we select “don’t use a design”.

That " don’t use a design" method works, but not well and overall the listing process is complicated and made more difficult when using custom HTML. We like GarageSale’s templates but need small adjustments to customize the overall “look”.

Trying to adjust the PRO: COMPACT to more like the above

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