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until I was using GS 8 on the old Sierra OS (good times…), I was able to right click on a photo in a listing, editing in a photo editing app (photoscape x) and then saving so that it automatically updated image into GS listing. Now, until I updated to Monterey, I can no longer open photos in external app. When I do this, a sort of pop-up appears saying it has no access to the photo. I enabled disk access both to GS and the photo editing app into preferences, but still I cannot edit photos. This is very time consuming, because when I simply need to edit a photo, I have to export image, editing and reimporting into the listing. Is there anyone here who faced this issue?
I hope someone could tell me what I am doing wrong.

Thank you

I downloaded Photoscape X from the Mac App Store and it looks like it doesn’t handle disk access permission properly. Maybe it is worth filing a bug with them?

I tried other photo editors like Acorn and Pixelmator, and they were able to open the image right away. (Pixelmator has other issues, as it insists on converting opened images to its own format, tough.)

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Hi Ilja,
thank you for looking into this issue. So it has to do with the app. I will get in touch with their support and report it.
Anyway, if you try to open the image with preview app, it doesn’t let you save because a new copy of the file is created. It would be much more useful if opening in preview would let me modify and save directly the image in GS. Is that possible?

I’d suggest buying an old retail version of PhotoShop. You can create Action in Ps to automate the process such as auto saving batches of images you have cropped.

  1. I first open all photos in batches in Mac Preview and do a quick rotation of any images into a upright position that require it. I also delete any images that are not useable. Way quicker to this using Preview than PS.

  2. Images are dragged into the Mac app Name Changer and bulk renamed in the order that they should appear in the listing such as piggybank1.jpg, piggybank2.jpg and so on.

  3. Images are then dragged into PhotoShop in batches and cropped. A few may require a slight additional manual rotation of the crop tool before cropping.

Some images may require a color correction, such as very light objects on a dark background. For individual images I just press Command + Shift + B. For batches of such images I use a custom Action which color corrects all such images currently open.

I then use a Action to auto save all open images so you need not do this manually for each one.

  1. Images are then batch watermarked using PhotoMill - a watermark copy of the image is saved for insertion into the listing.

  2. Recently I created a app using Xojo which allows me to batch merge multiple photos into collages.

My camera takes 5184 x 3456 images. The app will combine six of these images into one image using a 3 x 2 grid (155552 x 6912 pixels) in less than 2-3 seconds. eBay will further reduce the size of the image on their servers to a maximum of 1600 x 1200.

This allows; for instance to combine 48 images into 12 images using twelve 4 x 4 grids.

No, GarageSale only tells the editing app to open a particular image file. It doesn’t have control about what the editing apps does with that file. I have no idea why the developers of Preview decided to create a copy of the original image file.

thanks for your help. The app I am using (photoscape) actually does everything and it works fine, apart the issue explained in this thread. I use the bath feature to change color to hundreds photos at once, the cut section to remove the background and the combine section to combine more images into one. Then I use another app to add watermark, although you can do it also within photoscape. I purchased the license years ago for 70€, it was a good deal. I suggest you to give it a try.

I see, so I have to loose my hopes. Thanks anyway for the explanation. Everything worked fine until I was using macOS Sierra (apart preview, which always gave the same problem). I hope a fix will be possible, but I am afraid photoscape team is not GS one…

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