Eligible for relist fee credit

Just wondering if anyone can help me with this question.

I have just moved one of my accounts from NON_STORE to STORE.

The image below shows table I have not seen before.

My question is, should I re-list these items in Ebay (and do an 'Update in GS - Will that even update correctly?) or list them from GS?
I may have to change the category although it does not say so.


It’s recommended to do the relist from within GarageSale. Otherwise you won’t have that re-listet listing in GarageSale.

However, you might want to test the relist from within GarageSale with one single listing first and then check on the eBay website if eBay charged you anything.

Regards, Kristian

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Cheers, Kristian. I will do exactly that.

I have a premium store on ebay. Every one of my GTC listings without sales are relisted by GS every month. Out of 3098(on the ended listing page like you show), There are only 70 not relisted and those are ones I ended for some reason, (lost or GS accidentally relisted). 2856 are listed as “relisted”. 242 ones listed as “Not Relisted” were sold items.
Apparently ebay accounts “Relisted” to my 1,000 a month free totals. However, I don’t know if they were relisted for free. I assume they were but probably not since as soon as I hit 1,000 listings a month they start charging me $.10.
I also get 500 free auctions a month with a premium store. I relist 4 times a month with approx 130 listings and as soon as I hit 500 they nail me $.15 each listing so they are NOT giving me any relist credits on auctions. I don’t know if this is because I use GS to relist them?

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