Eliminating drop zone in description

I’ve just bought a copy of GarageSale and I want to delete the drop zone(s) in the template description because I am putting larger, higher-quality images there. How can I accomplish this? I’d really appreciate any help. Thanks.

Hi attima,

are you trying insert your own image URLs / img tags in the item description?

If so you could simply select the “No Images” layout.
You can insert your own HTML in Editor mode.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks for your prompt response, Kristian. My starting point was the “No Design” layout. I can’t find a “No Images” layout. Do I need to download it from somewhere or where should I be looking? Best wishes, Philip

Hi Philip,

from the “Template > Layout” menu simply select the “No Images” option.
(or from the context menu in Preview mode)

Regards, Kristian

Perfect. That solved my problem, thank you Kristian. Best wishes, Philip