Email is apparently not linked to PayPal

I changed my email on PayPal over a month ago. No issues with listing until today! I got this message!

Why is it suddenly saying this?

Did you also already enter your new PayPal email address in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts?

Regards, Kristian

Hi there, Yes as soon as I changed it. I have listed items since I changed with no problems

Did you also update it on the eBay website?

Yep, changed everywhere

In the listing in GarageSale you don’t have PayPal selected as a paymnet method currently, do you?
Does the warning go away if you select Paypal there?

Regards, Kristian

I just see you have a payment profile selected.

Please check/update that payment profile on the eBay website and if done select “Update Profile” from the Profile menu in the payment options in GarageSale.

The old profile seems to still use your old PayPal email address that’s why you should update it (or create and use a new profile).

Regards, Kristian

Hi there, that was the only thing I did not look at.

I’ve changed, so when I list some later I’ll see if that worked.

Thank you keep you updated

Thank you Kristian, it worked