Embroidery Category - Item Condition Problem

I have just upgraded to GS7, and when trying to relist an item that is in the eBay category: Crafts - Embroidery - Other Embroidery I have come across a problem.

When verifying the listing it states ‘Item Condition Required’, however, the GS Options has Condition as ‘Not Supported’.

Any suggestions?

Hi Serena,

could it be that you just have to re-select the correct category? I am asking because it seems the category
Crafts - Embroidery - Other Embroidery
does no longer exist. Instead you have to select
Crafts - Needlecrafts - Embroidery - Other Embroidery

I tried it here (with eBay USA) and was able to select a condition.

Regards, Kristian

Thank you for your rapid reply, Kristian. In my version of GS (7.0.4, 779), there isn’t the Needlecrafts option available.

Looking on eBay UK the sequence should be: Crafts > Needlecrafts & Yarn > Embroidery & Cross Stitch > Other Embroidery, but this is not yet available on GS.

Best wishes,


Hi Serena,

I previously was referring to eBay USA.
However, I just tried it with eBay UK and the same category is available there:

I can select a condition, too.
If it still doesn’t work for you could you try to select “update category data” from the sprocket icon in the category browser? Maybe you current category data is still out-dated.

Regards, Kristian

Thank you Kristian. I’ve now updated the category data, and that has done the trick. The item is now accurately relisted.

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