Entering Barcodes

I’m using 7.0.15. I have a number of DVD’s to list. In 6.9 I could scan the barcode from GS using my computers camera. I do not see this in GS 7. I can manually type in the barcode and the title does come up but it does not auto enter in the Title description nor can I copy/paste it from the pop out window. Previously I could list very quickly scanning and all would enter. Has GS7 lost the ability to connect with my computer camera and auto list? Or am I missing something?

What you could do is to use an iPhone or iPad as a barcode scanner and use our free “GarageSale Scout” app to prepare your listings. Please see the website here:

Regards, Kristian

Thanks for the info. I will try that. However, I wish it was still integrated with the GS app. When it was I was able to attach my USB Barcode scanner to my laptop and it went direct to my listing in GS.

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