EPS and thumbnails in description

thanks god from now images are free also on ebay.it!! This means I am starting to use EPS because almost no one look images inside descriptions (uploaded to your server). I would like to keep anyway the thumbnails inside description. What’s wrong is that if I click on the thumbnails in description the image opened is minuscule and not of the original size. How can I do to show it full size? In EPS it is huge…
Besides, it is possible to upload to your server every image that goes up to the 12 hosted by ebay?

Thanks for reply

Do you have a link to the announcement that says images are free on eBay.it?

Once we set the right flag in GarageSale, the option “Upload free images to eBay” in GarageSale’s preferences should do what you want.


The matter is that if I set EPS in GS’s preferences, my listing still show thumbnails inside description, but if I click on them the image opened in a mother window is so small and not of the original size…

Any other suggestions? I still would like to move to EPS but the thumbnails issue is a bit problematic since it’s useless if the opened image is minuscule…

We marked EPS images as free in GarageSale’s metadata today. At some point within the next 24 hours your GS copy should pickup the change.

I suggest leaving our server as image server for eBay listings and turning on the “Upload images to eBay, if free” option. This should give you eBay pictures and big images in the description at the same time.

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