EPS Upload service currently having issues

It seems eBay’s Picture service (EPS) is having issues at the moment. Several GarageSale customers reported receiving the error message today:

XML Error Text: “org.apache.commons.fileupload.MultipartStream$MalformedStreamException”.

We reported the issue to eBay’s developer support and hope they are fixing it to.

As it seems only some of eBay servers are effected, so if you are facing this issue, we recommend to wait a few minutes and try again. Hopefully you will be connected to a different eBay server who isn’t facing this problem.

Event if you are not using EPS as your primary image upload destination in GarageSale, you might run into this issue, as GarageSale is always uploading an image to EPS.

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eBay support is asking me for eBay user names running into this issue.

So, if you are effected, please send me your eBay username via private message.

Hi. It is not immediately apparent how to send a private message, but I am experiencing this issue. comet.vintage.

Thanks. I believe the private message feature only becomes available after you have made a certain number of posts on this site. You have to click on another users avatar icon to access it.

I am having the same issue…my user name is abclovell

I was having the same issue today but after shutting down garagesale and starting up again it seems to have resolved the issue.

I am also having this issue and don’t have the PM option.

Restarted computer and that did solve the problem, although for one listing I had to do three attempts.

I am also having the same issue - I am a UK user. It is on and off although at the moment I cannot seem to upload anything hope they sort it soon.

Thanks to everybody that supplied a eBay username.

Word from eBay is that they upgraded their EPS servers yesterday to add HTTPS support. My guess is that they replaced the code that has been working fine for years with something new and shiny.

I further assume that only some of there EPS servers have been upgraded, so when you are lucky GarageSale is hitting a non-upgraded server.

We supplied them with logging output that should make it trivial for eBay to identify the issue. Let’s see how this goes.

I have the same issue, but have only just registered so am unable to PM. User name on eBay = jcraig16

Same issue and can’t send PM. My user name: augnor340123

Same issue with my gf’s account, no PM possible, account is: protexred


Same issue -user name: trader_chris

I am having this issue.

Hi! I am not able to use Private Messaging. I am affected by this too. Username saveondesignerbagstk

Thank you

Can’t seem to find private messaging as well eBay user name micandgeo I am having this issue as well.
Thanks for bugging eBay for us!

Suddenly I can’t upload listings. I get an Apache.commons etc etc error, and my Preferences panel is asking me to enter FTP Server information that I never had to in the past. I’ve been using the updated GS with no problem until today. Is this related to the EPS issue:

I have the same problem - image upload fails every time.



Hope it’s fixed soon, thank you for the support