Error 10029 - Cannot Revise Description

My first time trying Garage Sale. But not the first time selling on eBay. I used to do html in Dreamweaver and upload it via eBay’s system.

Problem: I’ve updated my auction successfully prior to getting bids. I’ve since gotten 6 bids. I edited the description in the Template. It gives me this error message “Error 10029 - Title or subtitle cannot be revised for auction style listings that have at least one pending bid or are ending in less than twelve hours, and for fixed price listings that have at least one quantity sold or have a pending best offer.”

  1. I wasn’t editing the Title nor Subtitle. It was text typed in the Description
  2. It is an auction style listing
  3. It doesn’t have pending bids right now
  4. I got the error several times
  5. It’s ending in 6 days
  6. It’s not a fixed price listing
  7. There’s only 1 qty
  8. There’s no Best Offer

Please advise. Thanks!

are you saying that your running auction already has bids?
Regards, Kristian

Thanks for your reply.

• Yes it does have bids when I tried to revise the description.

• It did’t have bids when I was able to revise it prior to that. Just tweaking the wording and fixing a spelling mistake.

• Is that the reason for the inability to edit the description – it has bids now?

• I had the Description box checked (no other box) when I went thru the Garage Sale revision procedure. At the end it gave me that error message I can’t get past.

• But the error doesn’t mention not being able to revise a Description. It says the title or subtitle which I wasn’t changing.

• Fwiw, The reason for a description revision is I wanted to add a copyright line for photos because I had to report someone who used my main photo. They changed it. They said they thought it was a stock photo. They had to re-list it.

Thanks for any insight.

Yes, due to eBay rules you can’t edit the auction if it already has bids. You can add text/images below the original description but that’s something that can only be done through the ebay website directly.

Regards, Kristian

Thank you for clarifying. Fwiw, I tried the eBay system just to see what was editable. They put the Garage Sale generated description in a form box that’s not editable. (you obviously know that. But I just wanted to let you know what I experienced for the record. ie. it sounds like that’s functioning correctly).

Garage Sale is nice once I got used to it (like anything). the alert messages are helpful.


P.S. is there a way to log out of the forums? Or isn’t it necessary?