Error message - authentication token failed

I have been getting the following error message: “Validation of the authentication token in API request failed.” The error code is 931. I am using a MacOS 10.12.06 and Garage Sale 6.9.7. I have refreshed my token through eBay several times, but that hasn’t helped. Any suggestions?

Refreshing the eBay access token in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts should do the trick.

You could give it in GarageSale 7 a try, too:

Regards, Kristian

I have refreshed the token three separate times (through Garage Sale preferences, Accounts and then eBay) and I am still getting this error message. Any other thoughts - other than paying to upgrade to GarageSale 7?

The idea is to try it in GarageSale 7. You can download and test it for free. If it doesn’t work there, there might be a problem with the eBay system or with your system or internet connection maybe.

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