Error Message When listing

GS 7.0.9.(811)
OSX 10.12.6

The attached message has appeared when listing. It does not prevent listing though.

Tried typing the link in the message but get page not found. I have no idea what the message means. I have to type the link because it is not clickable in the GarageSale Launch Control Window.

There are plenty of funds in my Paypal Account.

Hi David,

I have no clue why you get this message from eBay but can you right-click on the eBay error message and copy the text. Does that work for you?

You might want to check your eBay/PayPal account, too, if not done already. However, it might be a temporary issue with PayPal only.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks Kristian

That worked. I was able to extract the correct URL

There is a link on this page for
"Best practices for fast access to funds”

I assume this is the problem area. I will have a read through and report back to you tomorrow.


If you get tired of this particular warning, there is also an ignore option when right-clicking to hide it in the future.

Thanks for the Hide this message tip.


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