Errors found in Part Fitment Compatibility Feature

Would like to see if some issues with the Ebay Motors part fitment / compatibility feature can be addressed in an upcoming update. Two current issues are making the feature difficult to use correctly.
I am attaching some screen shots to help in the understanding of the current issues.

  1. The information that is brought in to the garage sale tables is not the most useful information for us auto parts sellers. Specifically, the field labeled as “Variant” in garage sale is not the same as the field labeled “Trim” in eBay. Within eBay the “Trim” field provided more specific information that is necessary for us to use the feature correctly. In the attached screen shots for example you can see that the “Variant” field in garage sale shows the word " Base" for each model. However when in eBay, the “Trim” field shows the two models as “Base Hatchback” and “Base Convertible”. Seeing the same information which is shown in eBay within Garage sale is often necessary for the part fitment feature to be used in correctly identifying correct fitment.

  2. Also shown in the screen shots I have found that if I try to select a single selection within the “Found Vehicles” window of garage sale and have only one added as a selected vehicle, when the listing is put to ebay all vehicles of the same Make, Model and Year are added. That is in the screen shots I attempted to add only one of the found vehicles for 1987 Corvette, but when listed in ebay we see that both possible found vehicles are added to the parts table instead of only the one.

We would really appreciate this matter being checked into and updated in a future release so to make the feature more user friendly.


Thank you for your detailed feedback and screenshots, that helps a lot!
We’ll have a look at these issue and try to optimize the Part Fitment Compatibility feature.

Thank you,

Dear @mirrock,

can you try the same search and add the matching vehicle once again (remove the selected vehicle before)?

The first issue could be fixed my changing some code on the server that provides the data to GarageSale. I could not reproduce the second issue. As we only provide the ePID to eBay. Can you confirm this issue after re-adding the vehicle with the fixed data from server?


Checked this out and the first issue is solved. The variant tag in garage sale now shows the information needed.

As for the second issue, I am still having the same problem as before. I first found an additional issue that when the selected vehicle in GS is deleted, and then the listing revised, the item in ebay did not actually delete any selected vehicles even after several attempts ensuring the entire listing was being revised, and multiple times of refreshing the ebay listing within the browser. I had to revise the listing within ebay to remove any of the previously selected vehicles. I then tried again to only add one selected vehicle and found again that the ebay listing would show 2 vehicles, both the hatchback and the convertible as shown in the attached screenshot, but garage sale still only showed the single “hatchback” version as a selected vehicle that was being added.
Your efforts are greatly appreciated.


can you give the following alpha version a try?

This should tweak the uploaded information so that eBay can distinguish between the two models. Please remove and re-add the vehicle before listing/revising.


Excellent, all looks to be working as it should with that version.

Only other suggestion I would have is that when adding multiple vehicle types you are able to hold shift & click to add multiple vehicles at a time. However you can not easily fix a mistake to remove multiple vehicles which are already selected by holding shift and clicking, then selecting the (-) symbol. Adding that would make everything work exactly as it should in my opinion. I believe i requested that once before and it was working, but doesn’t seem to any longer. Again only for removing multiple selected vehicles at once.

Thank you again for your support. It is so nice to use a product that there is a staff present who shows they want improve their software from user feedback.

Hi Mark,

OK, so you basically want a multi-selectable table to remove multiple vehicles with just one click on the button, right? I will look what I can do for you for the next release :wink:

Thanks again for you feedback,

That’s correct. Like I said I think the lower table did work like that at one time in another beta version just how the upper one does but maybe i am mistaken.
Thanks again for your help on this.

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