Errors received when revising item with new images

Yesterday and again today I’ve been revising my images for a few listings. With three of these listings, the revision doesn’t complete and I received an error message that my images aren’t high res enough or wide enough.

I’ve tried removing the images from the listing and adding them back into the listing, but I still get the same message. I did get at least one of the listings to go through yesterday, but today I’ve had to go directly to the eBay site to revise my images. (I don’t get an error when I’m revising my listing on the eBay site.)

Thought you might like to know of the problem.

Now I’m having trouble with new listings as well. Same error message asking me to upload high res photos in the correct size. Yet they already are.

I’ve tried restarting GS & my Macbook. I’ve tried renewing my eBay access token. I just don’t know what the problem is.

Is anyone else having problems?
Does anyone have any idea as to what I could try to fix this?
I have about 30 listing drafts to finish & upload today. :grimacing:

Edit: Sometimes removing all images from the listing in preview & adding them back into the listing fixes the problem. It just worked on one listing. But that is a pain. Some listings have several photos.

What version of GarageSale are you using?

The latest beta version. But it was happening with the previous version as well. I think the first date I started having issues was Friday the 17th.

For what it’s worth, I’m using a Macbook Pro (late 2015) with the latest version of Sierra (Feb '17).

If you temporarily switch your image server to a different imager sever (under Preferences > eBay > eBay Images), are you able to revise the listing?

I haven’t tried that, but the problem has gone away so I haven’t been thinking about it! I will try that if it recurs.

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