Errors when leaving feedback for multiple item purchases only?

Has anyone else had this issue? Most of the time when I go to leave feedback for orders that have multiple items on the order I get the error below. I am not sure if it is actually leaving feedback or not for these orders but it is marking them as “feedback left” after the error. All the orders that are for 1 item only this error never happens. See image below for what it looks like. P.S. I am on the latest non beta release 9.6. Update: I figured before I would send this I’d check to see if there was an update and found the 9.7 final was released and available so I updated and tried it again but same problem. So 9.7 didn’t fix this. I did also notice if I was leaving feedback for a multiple item order every time this error pops up I have to hit OK every time as it does this for each item in the order. Say if there are 4 items in the order I get this error 4 times. Again if a single order it always works. If there are 2 items in the order sometimes it works fine and others I get the error but with 4 or more I have not had it work once yet.

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