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I’m not sure how long this has been a feature, but I got badly burned by it today and eBay’s suggested workaround was clumsy and unhelpful.

Specifically, the “Excluded Locations” checklist consists entirely of physical locations except for “Additional Locations” with “PO Box” inside it. Maybe I’ve just been lucky in not getting any bids until today from people who use PO Boxes, but I basically only ship domestically in the US, so I just have everything in “Excluded locations” checked except the “US” entry. The rest were checked because, hey, it looked from the list very much as thought it was physical locations I was excluding.

Then somebody who uses a post office box wins an auction, and is told they can’t pay, and if I look in the exclusion list, there between Cameroon and South America, is “PO Box”.

One of these things is not like the other. Maybe restructure the checkboxes so that there’s a branch for physical locations, and “Additional locations” is another. Heck, make “Additional locations” appear red and flash on and off, just do something to make it clear that this is a different sort of excluded location, please.

Could you post a screenshot so we can see what you see? Which eBay site do you use? What version of GarageSale?
I am asking because I can only found one single entry for “PO Box” at the very top of the “Exluded Locations” list. (eBay USA, GarageSale 8)

Regards, Kristian

Yes, that’s where it’s located, top of the list, I was just suggesting that maybe putting the PO Box exclusion somewhere else entirely from the geographical exclusions might be a good idea. When I used to set up exclusions, I’d just check everything, then go in and uncheck the US domestic. Whenever it is that eBay made PO Boxes an exclusion category, I didn’t notice the change. I almost feel it would make more sense to have the PO Box exclusion in with Buyer Requirements, which does state “Block buyers from countries to which I don’t ship”, but maybe have a “Block buyers at PO Boxes” in there, even if behind the scenes it’s just treating it as another location.


I’m using eBay USA, and the current version of Garagesale.

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