Export order data and a list of SKUs

when I ship paid orders, I have been used to print the list of orders’ SKUs (in alphabetic order) so I can go and pick sold items in the archive. However, I have mainly two problems in this process:

  1. when an order contains over 3 items, the printed page cut the SKU list and so I cannot read the entire list of items’ SKUs in that specific order

  2. when I have to ship many orders, I would find useful to export all orders data, so I can put in alphabetic order the entire batch of SKUs not deepening on the single specific order. In other words, let’s say:

  • order A contains SKUs: A1, B1, C1
  • order B contains SKUs: A2, B2, C1

I would find useful to print a unique list of SKUs: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 (all SKUs in the real alphabetic order). This way I can pick items from the archive in a practical way. Otherwise, I need to continue running from one side to opposite side of the archive if the SKUs list is made order by order, and not with all SKUs together in a unique list.
I hope this is explained clearly (not sure…). Is there any trick to do this? It would be so useful for me…
Looking forward to hear good news from you.

Thank you

Regarding #1: Do you use the “paint package slip” function for that? If not, it is worth a try!
It’s possible to create your own package slips, too.

Regarding #2: No idea how that could be done (in alphabetic order), unfortunately.

Hi @kristian ,
I don’t need to print the label to put into the order, I am use to print the list of sold items’ SKUs so I can go in the archive and pick them up. I click over the smart folder of paid orders, set the table view, sort alphabetically and then cmd-P. However, the list is ordered by the first SKU of each order, which is quite confusing because I need a sort of list of all SKUs to be shipped, regardless orders are single item or multiple purchase. That would be a huge help for my work…

The “Print package slip” feature most likely could be used to print a simple list of all SKUs of all selected orders, that’s what I was trying to say. This way you have a list of all SKUs of all orders.

From the help:

You can print packing slips that you can add to the shipment or use them to find the ordered items in your warehouse.

If you are interested I could try to create such a custom “package slip”. (alphabetic order probably not possible) It’s not meant to be put into the order/package, of course.

Ah, I didn’t understand. That would be awesome @kristian ! Yes I am interested, thank you very much!!

Please give this a try:

  1. Unzip the attached “SKU List.html.zip” file:
    SKU List.html.zip (2.0 KB)

  2. Add it to GarageSale’s library folder. To do so select “Open Library Folder” from GarageSale’s Help menu. In that Finder window create a new folder called “PackingSlips” (if not there already) and insert the file “SKU List.html”.

  3. Afterwards “Sku List” should be available in GarageSale’s package slip menu (printer icon in toolbar).

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@kristian thank you so much for this, it literally changes my working life!!! Just a question: is there any way to set the margine of the print page? I mean, now the printer cut the last line, check pdf:

Sku list.pdf (23.6 KB)

Anyway, this is a huge feature for me and a huge relief considering I am planning over 4000 auctions for next 3 months and the SKU matter was a nightmare for me, when I have to prepare lots of orders. If there is any way I can pay off, just let me know.

Glad to hear you find it helpful :+1:

Unfortunately, there is not. Safari/webkit seems to be the only browser that does not support the required “@page” rule.
However, there is an easy workaround: In the print dialog, click on the “PDF” button and select “Open in Preview”. Once opened in Preview, print the PDF from there. This should avoid line cut-off by the printer.


Hi Kristian,
unfortunately it didn’t work, but that’s not a problem,I will write missing line. You just made my work much easier!!!

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