Exporting to CSV without the HTML code

The ability to now export to CSV is a great new feature.

The only downside is that the Description field takes across all the HTML code with it. What you want in that field is just the pure description, not all the garbage that surrounds it.

Is there a workaround that allows you to leave the HTML behind?


There’s currently no way to do this and I am afraid that’s something not easy to implement.
Is it an option for you to “clear” the description before exporting the listing? You can clear most of the HTML code by clicking on the “Reset” icon in the Text formatting toolbar in Preview mode.

Regards, Kristian

Ah, OK. I’ll experiment! Thanks.

For me, it is very important to export the HTML code of description because I avoid to later modify the text. If you use plain text and don’t need formatting, I think you should not use html at all, so GS won’t export it.

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