Failure to Launch!

GS not talking to ebay - message received as image

How do I rectify this?

Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 19.43.08

I assume you are using a somewhat recent version of GarageSale?

It could be some temporary internal eBay hick up, or maybe something is wrong with your account credentials stored by GarageSale? Have you tried refreshing your account from GarageSale’s preferences?

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Thanks - refreshed the access token and went through the security steps and now working - Note there is an 18 month lifespan for an access token - and by then I’ll have forgotten again!

I dont know if the thought has ocurred to you as well, but there is a date set by ebay requiring the access token to be renewed. Why not pre-empt this from the GS end with a warning message - e.g. Your ebay access token will expire in 7 days - to maintain service go to GS preferences and select “refresh access token” and follow the ebay log on requirements to reset your access token.


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