Faulty Maximum Listing Count Reached Error

On the 7th of December 24 listings ended with a 10 days listing time…
So I should have 26 listings that month left…

As of today the 10th of januari GS still bugs me that I reached the maximum listings is reached.

Obviously the mont time to time and calendar month is passed but still no option to realist the item.

I duplicated the items… No active listings in my account nothing that could prevent me from using my payed app with limitations…

Schermafbeelding 2022-01-10 om 22.32.01

Try refreshing your token?

Sadly no change of behaviors


can you send me the version of GarageSale and your macOS please?



macOS version: 12.1 (21C52)
GarageSale: 8.4 (1318)



As an add it’s also in the new 8.4.1 (1326) version and the previous version 8.3.8?


can you send me all your eBay usernames, setup in GarageSale? Maybe you want to do this off-list…


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