Favorited listings in GarageBuy suddenly disappear


i noticed that listings which i saved as favorite or which were imported from my eBay suddenly disappear in GarageBuy.

To give you an example:

Yesterday evening i had 10 favorited listings in GarageBuy on macOS. I was also able to see them on my iPhone in GarageBuy. As i went to the bed, the lid of my MacBookPro was closed as every night.

This morning as i woke up, i opened GarageBuy on my iPhone (the iPhone was the whole night in the flighmode), all favorited listings disappeared.

There are also disappeared on my MacBookPro.

This whole thing now happened more then 1 time. It’s a bit frustrating, because i like GarageBuy a lot :frowning:

Could it be something around the iCloud sync?



Hi David,

never heard of such an issue. Are you sure that the listings did not ended? Did you loose all your favorites or just a few and do you see any similarity of those?

What did you set for the “Delete Expired Favorites” advanced preference?


Hello Paul,

more then sure :slight_smile:
I today added them by the listing number again in GarageBuy on macOS.

I then loose all of them later :frowning:

The “Delete Expired Favorites” is like this. I guess it’s the default setting.


will try to reproduce this here, but a bit clueless to be honest. The favorites are saved locally and remotely and are only deleted (automatically) if they expire. It is also strange that you do not have any expired listings if you use GarageBuy on a regular basis. So to be sure: you lost all favorites over night, regardless of their state.


You are right, Paul. Also the expired listings will disappear.

It happens usually over night (because i think the apps are not in use), but also during day time like now.
I only quitted GarageBuy on macOS and opened it again.

My feeling is that the iOS app produces this. But it’s just a feeling and i’m not sure

For example, an newly expired listing disappear right after a new launch of GarageBuy as you can in the screencast.

Is there anything, i can try? What you would suggest? For example, i could try to don’t use the iOS app for some days?

Thanks for the screencast. Maybe the deletion setting is not properly set? Can you select e.g. 1 month and try to reproduce this issue?

As we are currently refactoring many layers of the app for the recent eBay changes I would like to work on this issue afterwards. Maybe the refactoring somehow fixes the issue, too.

Of cause you may try to work on just one application at a time to find the app that causes this. But as the backend code is almost the same on both platforms I doubt that there is the one application that causes it (while syncing). But it may also be a (corrupted) DB issue or a filesystem error that causes the lost of data (which almost certain will be the case on only one device).

Deletion setting with 1 month or 1 week doesn’t make a difference. I can reproduce the issue :frowning:

About the (corrupted) DB issue, is there are anything from user side which i can do?


You may want to have a look at the files in

~/Library/Containers/com.iwascoding.garagebuy2/Data/Library/Application\ Support/GarageBuy

Especially the file SavedFavorites.data. But I doubt that it has something todo with this files as there is a count badge in the first few seconds, so GarageBuy knows that there is a favorite, but will delete it once the favorite gets updated.

I will create a ticket for this and will try to reproduce/fix it as soon as possible.

If you need anything from me or if you need this particularly file, let me know it. I will send it to you.

Thanks for your help, Paul :slight_smile:

Btw, can you delete my post https://help.iwascoding.com/t/issues-with-garagebuy/7564/2 ? I tried it to flag it for deletion, but this wasn’t possible.
The most important issue is already addressed. For the other topics in this post, i don’t need any help :slight_smile:

Yes, deleted the post!

Thanks, Paul.

I looked into the SavedFavorites.data file. There is a lot of stuff inside.
I searched for an item number of a listing which disappeared in GarageBuy and i was able to found this item number.

I then added this listing again to GarageBuy. I searched again through the SavedFavorites.data file and i saw that there is a new entry.
Bildschirmfoto 2022-02-14 um 19.21.38

Is there a way to delete the iCloud data of GarageBuy if this could help?

Hey Paul, any chance you already looked into this issue? It still occurs here every single day :frowning:

Would be more then unhappy if this topic is closed automatically.


No, sorry. As I said before we are currently working on a complete overhaul of the underlaying eBay connection of GarageBuy. But I added a ticket and will have a look as soon as possible.

Okay, i’ll wait patiently for the update :slight_smile:

Hi David,

we currently test a new version of GarageBuy with Apple’s TestFlight beta system. Are you interested in testing this version? I can try to reproduce and fix the issue (if it still happens). Should I use the email you are using here to send you an invitation?


Good morning Paul,

yes, of course. I’m very interested. Is this only a TestFlight for macOS or also for iOS? Because this issue occurs as you know on both platforms.

You can send the invitation to the email i’m using here in the forum.



Only for macOS at this time. The iOS version needs some more internal testing, but I will invite you as soon as possible.

The issue may then be the same on both platforms…

Is there another way to provide me the test version?
I saw that TestFlight needs macOS 12. I’m still on macOS Catalina.

I know that there are some traditional deployment system. I guess you are using them, too. If so, please deploy a test build with such a conventional deployment system.

Thanks so much.