Feature Request. a price discount menu


asking again for a menu that would allow me to make a price “discount” to selected items.

either by $ value or % value…

as going though 800 items to nock 10%, or even just $1 of the price, is a lot of work, before relisting.



Have you checked the ‘Script’ menu in GarageSale (look for the Papyrus scroll icon in the menu bar). The ‘Adjust Starting Bid’ and ‘Change Starting Bid by Factor’ scripts should do what you want.

Also, these commands are simple AppleScripts. It’s easy to modify them to fit your particular scenario.

Hi, thanks for the reply.
almost 99% of my items are 'Buy it Now’
I tried the script, which it seems will do a global change of prices to a Set price…
but all my items have different prices… so that would not work.
also I tried to take -10% of an item, and ended up with the wire result showing two different prices, see screen shot.

so again I would prefer a Menu Item or a dialog box, that would give the option of entering a Discount Value or percentage Off the price the items is at…

I can already do a global change of any price simply by selecting multiple items (in folder view) and then entering a price (to which all selected items will be changed to) so I don’t understand why the script does the same thing…? (the script seem to be superfluous…

Again, call for other users, in support for such a feature (or even a script)
(I can read Read Microsoft basic, but be blowed if I could even program it again these days, so I am totally lost when it comes to any level above that… which is why I bought a mac…)